How To Find A Fish Veterinarian

Unfortunately, not many veterinarians are able to see and treat pet fish. It is a growing specialty and we are working hard to spread the appropriate training materials and opportunities to those veterinarians who are interested. But what can you do in order to find a fish veterinarian in your state to help you? For those of you who are unaware, veterinary licenses are mandated by state legislature and therefore cannot transfer across state lines.

Are you in California? Call us!

Aquatic Veterinary Services is your veterinarian for Northern and Central California! We are hoping to get our Southern California office open later this year, but we have referrals for many vets who work in the south if you need them. (831) 278-1081 or request online.

Find a Fish Vet

This listing is part of the American Association of Fish Veterinarians website. Click on your state and get a listing of all the aquatic veterinarians in your area! Click HERE to search.

No Vet Listed for Your State?

The best thing about veterinarians is although their licenses don’t transfer, their expertise does! ANY veterinarian can consult with an aquatic veterinarian in ANY STATE to assist with cases. We can walk other veterinarians through how to collect diagnostic samples and help diagnose fish out of state. All you have to do is ask your local exotic/small/large animal vet if they are willing to help consult on a case. Our office is more than willing to help consult with other veterinarians, transfer them to another aquatic veterinarian in their area or they can contact the American Association of Fish Veterinarians or the World Aquatic Veterinary Medical Association for additional assistance.

Does that last step take a little more effort on your part, yes, but there is no excuse for you not to have competent veterinary assistance for your fish!

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