Aquatic Veterinary Services offers a wide-range of services for your aquatic pets. Everything listed can be arranged by our mobile service or hospital.

Water Quality Testing

The most important thing you can do to keep your fish healthy! Water quality has a direct correlation to fish health. For more information on this, check out our article on Stress Free Water Quality.

Fish Physical Exams

Just like a cat or dog, individual fish can be singled out for an exam. Sometimes, a little sedation is required to make the exam stress-free for our fish patients. No need to catch any fish! With our mobile service, we do everything, include catching just the right fish.


Dr. Sanders is a level II USDA accredited veterinarian and can fill out all necessary paperwork for VFDs and CVIs.

Medicated Feed Prescriptions

Once an infection or infestation is diagnosed, we can treat the fish directly, not the water. Save $$$ on your water bill by having a medicated feed treatment prescribed for your specific fish and disease or parasite.


Yes, even fish can undergo surgery. From a simple wen trim to a fully open abdomen, our surgical skills are exceptional. Our chief veterinarian Dr. Sanders, has developed specialty skills in fish surgery. For an example of our surgical skill, please see this video of an abdominal tumor removal.