How long do goldfish live?

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Some of our callers will tell us their fish has died and say, “well, he was already 3 years old; he lived a good long life.” Sorry to say, but for most common goldfish, he was barely out of their “teenage years.” Unless they were an inbred fancy goldfish, 3-year old is a very young

What causes floating goldfish?


Floating goldfish, especially post-eating, is a common issue that results in an internet wormhole. Let’s get some facts straight: Goldfish are Physostomous Fish Yes, it’s a big word. What is means is that goldfish, like many other carp, have a pneumatic duct between their swim bladder and esophagus. It connects in between the cranial and

What do you feed goldfish?

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One of the most common pet fish do not come with many instructions. Goldfish are not the most efficient feed to mass converters, so they tend to produce more waste than many other species. So what do you feed goldfish? Keep in mind, it is recommended that goldfish start with 20-gallons per fish and have

Learn the Truth About Constipated Goldfish

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One of the internets favorite fish “diagnoses” is a “constipated goldfish.” What is “constipation?” It is the inability to pass fecal material usually due to dehydration or lack of fiber in the diet. Thankfully, goldfish are physiologically built to never be constipated. Freshwater fish physiology prevents constipated goldfish Why is my goldfish NOT constipated? Imagine

Can koi and goldfish be kept together?


We commonly hear this question and it’s a little bit of a headscratcher. Let’s look into the similarities and differences of koi and goldfish and what diseases you should consider between the two. The Goldfish – Carassus auratus Among the many variations of goldfish is a common ancestor. Thought to be a distant descendant of

How to Train a Fish

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The simple answer: yes. But what is the best method on how to train a fish? Many fish keepers do not give their fish enough credit for being smart. Most pet fish are above average intelligence and can be easily trained given their food-motivated behavior. How do I train my fish? Many aquariums use training

Fish Immune Function

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When you live in a toilet, like fish do, it’s critical to have a well-functioning immune system. Being ectotherms, fish immune functions rely on the temperature of their surrounding environment to dictate their metabolism and immune function. Cold water = limited activity. Warm water = more activity. Hot water = poached. All things considered, a

Fancy Goldfish Float Backpack

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Some fancy goldfish can lead long, healthy, normal lives. Others, like their over-bred cat and dog compatriots, can develop genetic disorders that have no ideal treatment. Meet our little buddy, Rusty (top): Back when he was little, he had no issues. Swimming and eating normally, being a happy little fish with his tankmates, Cupcake (bottom

Goldfish Oral Reconstructive Surgery UPDATE

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For those of you who missed our post this weekend, our little goldfish friend, Lemon, who underwent oral surgery two weeks ago to fish a semi-prolapsed mouth, got her stitches out this Saturday. Here she is: Congratulations to Lemon, her family and the veterinary staff at Aquatic Veterinary Services!

Goldfish Oral Surgery

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For those of you who have seen pictures of our little buddy, Lemon, here is some more about his story: Lemon was rescued by his current owners from a poorly maintained system that was overcrowded with fancy goldfish. He has always had a slight malformation of his mouth. Since he has grown bigger, his mouth

Fish of the Week: Fan-Tailed Goldfish

Sorry it’s been so long fish fans! After battling illness and new paddling sports, it’s time to get back to the fish. This post is dedicated to one of my patients who is indeed, a fan-tailed goldfish! These are another variety of “fancy” goldfish, like our Oranda a few weeks ago. Fan-tailed goldfish are distinguished

Fish of the Week: Oranda

This week, in honor of last Saturday’s surgery, we are tackling one of the fancy goldfish members, the oranda! If you have ever been in a pet store, you have seen the oranda. Basically, take a normal goldfish, add a giant jelly-bubble helmet and presto, an oranda. This bubble mass around its head is called

Fish of the Week: The Goldfish

Goldfish (Carassius auratus auratus) Goldfish are one of the most popular home aquarium fish. The live in freshwater and have been bred to have many different physical characteristics. Some have been bred to have a long, fancy tail. Others have a mass of bubbles on their head or large eyes that look upwards instead of

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