How Many Koi Per Gallon?

If you’ve read our other article on “How Many Fish per Gallon,” you know it’s not an easy question to answer, especially for a mixed species tank. However, for koi ponds, there is a much simpler answer: For each koi you have, we recommend 250 gallons at MINIMUM! What are you talking about? That’s way …

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What is the best koi food?

** This post contains affiliate links that give us a small % of your total purchase for our recommendations. ** How do you tell which is the best koi food to feed your fish? Instead of the standard, “we tell you to buy this food,” we’re going to give you the tools to take ANY …

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Male vs Female Fish

sick fish

How can you tell male vs female fish? Trying to set up a single sex population can help keep spawning practices from hurting your fish, but determining males from females can sometimes be a little tricky. Depending on your fish species, there may be a few things you can look for to determine the difference. …

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Best Spring Pond Treatments

fish pond treatments

Many pond owners will prophylactically treat their ponds every spring, regardless of many criteria. Whether it’s an anti-parasitic, a “clarifier” or a “refresher” treatment, you probably DON’T need to be adding most pond treatments. Using unlicensed products is a dangerous idea and if you aren’t sure of your total pond volume, you can severely hurt …

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Best Plants in Koi Ponds

We have had several of our clients ask us if it is okay to put plants in koi ponds. Simple answer? Yes! Read along for our recommendations for the best plants in koi ponds. But aren’t plants bad for fish? Not one published scientific study has shown any plants attacking fish. Yes, they may be …

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Egg Binding in Koi

koi eggs surgery

Oh, goody! Another “disease” for our Fake Fish Diagnoses file. I recently received an email explaining how “egg binding” kills fish, and I figured it would be an excellent opportunity to set the record straight. Many hobbyists are unaware that koi, and many of their fish cousins, are constantly carrying eggs. In the warmer spring …

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Koi Herpesvirus Testing

Springtime often correlates with new fish arriving from overseas and ending up in new ponds. We have had a few years with an increase in Koi Herpesvirus (Cyprinid herpesvirus-3) cases and it is important to have your new fish tested BEFORE they enter your pond. There are two types of testing available. All fish can …

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How long do koi live?

white and orange koi fish

There are many myths about the longevity of koi. Some rumors place the oldest koi around 250 years old! Although this is not substantiated, koi are certainly built to live a very long time. Depending on their lineage and breeding practices, most koi can be expected to live 40-60 years easily. Our service has only …

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Can I Train My Fish?

pink pet fish

The simple answer: yes. Many fish keepers do not give their fish enough credit for being smart. Most pet fish are above average intelligence and can be easily trained given their food-motivated behavior. How do I train my fish? Many aquariums use training behaviors to make everyday care and medical procedures easier and less stressful. …

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