Carp Pox in Koi

A cousin of Koi Herpes Virus, Carp Pox in koi is also a herpes virus (Cyprinid herpesvirus-1). It is a fairly common disease for our office to see and this time of year, in colder water, you may be seeing more clinical signs than usual. How do fish get Carp Pox? Like any infectious disease, [...]

Koi Herpes Virus – What You NEED to Know

Koi Herpes Virus. Those three little words can spell disaster for any koi owner. Koi herpes virus is a viral infection that can kill 95-100% of exposed koi in 24-48 hours. Quarantining any new additions can keep KHV from spreading to established populations. With warm water and transport stress, fish will become sick and die [...]