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Learn All About Fish Doctors

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Did you know that there are many different types of fish doctors in practice throughout the world? Our small niche in aquatic veterinary medicine focuses on pet fish, but other fish doctors work in aquaculture, regulatory and ornamental industry. Learn all about fish doctors and our unique veterinary field! What is a fish doctor called?

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Fish Veterinarians

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Want to learn more about fish veterinarians? Being a fish veterinarian is what I was put on this planet to do, so here are some things you may not know about fish vets: 1. Yes, we go to veterinary school Anyone who denotes themselves as a “veterinarian” has completed veterinary school. There are many veterinary

Cryotherapy in Fish

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Cryotherapy is being used more and more in aquatic veterinary medicine, but how does it work? DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. Like cryotherapy in other species, the most beneficial treatments are for superficial skin issues. Our office commonly uses cryotherapy to treat external lumps and skin disease like hikui. It is critical that the

Seven Years of Aquatic Veterinary Services

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I can’t believe another year has passed at Aquatic Veterinary Services. Has doing this job gotten any easier? In some ways yes, in others, not so much. We still struggle against the age-old stigma that pet fish don’t have access to or require veterinary care. We still get bad reviews from people who’s expectations do

The Biggest Challenge for Fish Veterinary Medicine

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It’s no secret that our veterinary medicine niche, fish veterinary medicine, is minuscule. A rough estimate, gathered from AVMA, AAFV, WAVMA and IAAAM memberships, taking into consideration that two of those groups are international, puts aquatic veterinarians around 0.2% of the total veterinarians in the USA. I am proud to be one of them and

How to Get Started in Aquatic Veterinary Medicine

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Our office gets countless inquiries from students asking how they can get started in a career in aquatic veterinary medicine. And our #1 question asked by almost 100% of our clients… How did you [Dr. Sanders] get into this field? I was one of those obnoxious kids who knew I wanted to be a veterinarian

What is a "Certified Aquatic Veterinarian?"

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You may have noticed a few extra letters after our chief veterinarian’s name, indicating her standing as a Certified Aquatic Veterinarian: Jessie Sanders, DVM, CertAqV The “DVM” stands for “Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine” and applies to all veterinarians. (Unless you went to Penn and then you have VMD after your name.) But what does the

Pricing Aquatic Veterinary Services

Many people are surprised to find that our services are more than they expected compared to what they pay for a cat or dog appointment. Why is our pricing more? General Practice vs. Specialty Practice Pricing Our practice manager puts it concisely, “would you go to your GP to get back surgery?” Of course not!

Top Three Fish Surgery Cases

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Read along with us as we share our most exceptional fish surgery cases! Lemon Lemon is a ranchu goldfish who was adopted with a slight oral deformity. Once day, when going after a large pellet, one side of her mouth luxated and obstructed her oral cavity. Dr. Sanders was able to correct the injury with

Day 2,190 – Reflecting Upon 6 Years

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Tomorrow, March 13th, 2019 will mark Aquatic Veterinary Service’s 6 year anniversary. It has been quite a year for us, moving out of a bad location into a new facility and getting ready for some new changes and challenges. We’ll be sharing those new updates with you later this week. In a business where there

The Secret to Getting More Fish Clients

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Hello fellow Veterinarians. I know a lot of you out there are interested in seeing fish patients, but don’t know where to start. Getting training can be a little daunting, but check out our Aquatic Education Resources page. Once you have the skills, it’s super easy to start seeing clients. Aside from some drugs, nets

Difficult Fish Veterinary Cases

On-Location Pond Check

Did you know our veterinary hospital takes in calls for fish veterinary cases from all over the country? Although our veterinarian is only licensed in California and Nevada, we work with dozens of other veterinarians to make sure your fish can get the help they deserve. Most of the time, our calls are straightforward and

A Typical Day in the Life of a Fish Vet

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One of the most common questions our veterinary gets asked is, “what does the typical day of the aquatic veterinarian look like?” Even in the traditional small animal practice, cases and patients vary daily, but for a traveling all-fish veterinarian, the variety increases exponentially. Our chief veterinarian’s day varies widely, taking into account different species,

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