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How to Be a Fish Veterinarian

Fish Veterinary Dr Jessie Sanders

One of the most common questions I get as an aquatic veterinarian is, “how did you end up in this field?” Well, I got my start very early. I was one of those annoying kids who always knew I wanted to be a veterinarian. (For more info on my background, check out our “Why a

Five Years of Fish Fun at Aquatic Veterinary Services

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Five years to the day, something that has never been done before got started. The FIRST veterinarian to pursue an all-aquatic veterinary practice, not on the side or part of a previously established veterinary practice, opened her clinic doors. No one had ever heard of this specialty before. Not in California or many other states.

Fish X-Ray Diagnostics

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Here is a great case we had where fish x-rays provided excellent diagnostic value. We prefer to use x-rays, also known as radiographs, to assess buoyancy disorders in all fish. A few months ago, we first met Huxley and Darwin. They are both moor goldfish with big, bulging eyes and short, stubby bodies. Huxley is

DIY Fish Surgery: A How-To Guide

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Ever watched some videos about how to do fish surgery online? Looks easy, right? Well, we’ve decided to write up a step-by-step guide for you do-it-yourselfers who want to try their hand at DIY fish surgery. No veterinary degree required! Ready? Set. GO! Step 1: Call a veterinarian. There are plenty who specialize in fish,

Fancy Goldfish Float Backpack

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Some fancy goldfish can lead long, healthy, normal lives. Others, like their over-bred cat and dog compatriots, can develop genetic disorders that have no ideal treatment. Meet our little buddy, Rusty (top): Back when he was little, he had no issues. Swimming and eating normally, being a happy little fish with his tankmates, Cupcake (bottom

Goldfish Oral Reconstructive Surgery UPDATE

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For those of you who missed our post this weekend, our little goldfish friend, Lemon, who underwent oral surgery two weeks ago to fish a semi-prolapsed mouth, got her stitches out this Saturday. Here she is: Congratulations to Lemon, her family and the veterinary staff at Aquatic Veterinary Services!

Goldfish Oral Surgery

fish surgery

For those of you who have seen pictures of our little buddy, Lemon, here is some more about his story: Lemon was rescued by his current owners from a poorly maintained system that was overcrowded with fancy goldfish. He has always had a slight malformation of his mouth. Since he has grown bigger, his mouth

Fish Surgery FAQ

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Surgery? On a fish? As odd as that may sound, fish surgery is a common occurrence in our veterinary practice. From the simple “lump-ectomy” to a fully-invasive abdominal explore (ceolom explore for professionals), fish can undergo surgery just like you or your furry pets. We have some of these posted on YouTube for you to

My one piece of advice for future fish veterinarians

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If I could only offer one piece of advice to all of you would-be veterinarians out there, here it is: volunteer. Volunteer for your local animal shelter, zoo, aquarium, veterinarian, kennel, dog park or anything out there that has to do with animals. About 50% of the veterinary curriculum is how to act and what

Why a Fish Vet?

Every time I tell someone I am a fish vet, I get the same question, “why?” Well, I’ll tell you why. You have to be patient, it’s a long post. But come on, it’s my life’s story: When we’re children, the world is a magical, fantastical place. Every new experience is something amazing. The simplest thing

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