Fish Tank Troubleshooting

a diagram of a new york syndrome.

Getting a fish tank up and running can be a challenging endeavor. We’ll walk you through all the steps to get up and running without losing any fish! If you have an already established system, we’ll run through how to keep your system happy and healthy for years to come.

Carp Pox in Koi Webinar

Webinar Carp Pox in Koi

Friday, June 18th, 2021 04:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada) After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.It does collect emails and reminds people prior to the event and has a calendar add option. The recording will be available after we publish it online.

Koi Surgery Presentation

a fish that is swimming in some water.

This presentation covers indications for surgical treatment, anesthetic considerations, common procedures, including a complete surgical video, follow-up care and possible complications.

Koi Health & Keeping

a pond that has water in it.

Attention all koi owners! This is the webinar you need to hear! Everything specific to keeping happy, healthy koi will be covered by our chief veterinarian, Dr. Jessie Sanders. Topics to be covered include koi immune function, stress in koi, basic pond structure and mechanics, basic pond maintenance, koi nutrition, common problems and emerging issues.

Fish Surgery

a close up of a fish in a tank.

In the scope of fish care and keeping, surgical intervention is sometimes required to improve fish health and quality of life. But, how does a fish undergo surgery? With a few adaptations from their fluffy pet counterparts, fish can receive multiple surgical treatment options with minimal pain and suffering. NOT HOW TO DO IT YOURSELF

Plants in Fish Systems

a picture of some plants and water.

Live plants can make a great addition to any freshwater fish system, but they come with some challenges! Be it a fish pond or aquarium, plants can make an interesting, interactive environment. Make sure you have everything you need before diving into this wonderful niche of underwater gardening.

Aquaponics & Fish

a collage of photos with a variety of plants.

The growing trends in hydroponics and aquaponics are a great potential asset to fish keepers. In addition to growing great vegetables, you can reduce the amount of water wasted during water changes. This webinar will introduce the principles of an aquaponic system, how to set one up using what you already have in place, and

Spotting Disease in Fish

a picture of a goldfish with the words physical signs of disease in fish.

How can you tell when your fish is sick? Our chief veterinarian, Dr. Jessie Sanders, covers the physical and behavioral signs of disease in fish and what you should do if you notice your fish is sick.

Quarantine Practices

a bathroom with a sink and a large blue tub.

Whether you are adding a new fish or have a sick one in your system, no fish setup is complete without a quarantine protocol. Our veterinary team will guide you through the basics and develop a plan for what to expect and do when you have sick or potentially infectious fish.

Koi Herpes Virus for Koi Owners

a blue bucket filled with water next to a blue wall.

With an increase in outbreaks across the US, it is important for all koi owners to understand the importance of Koi Herpes Virus. Within the last year, California has had THREE outbreaks. In order to protect your fish, watch this webinar. Topics to be covered include: – How KHV is transmitted. – How carriers play

Betta Fish Basics

a cat laying on top of a table next to a fish tank.

Bettas are a very common first pet. A lot of considerations to their care and keeping must be considered before bringing them home. Proper habitat, feeding and maintenance will all be addressed during this webinar. Learning Objectives Learn the most common mistakes when keeping bettas. Understand what details are necessary in providing the correct betta

Water Quality for Fish Owners

a diagram of hydrogens in the water.

Water quality is the most important aspect of fish health. As a fish owner, you have a direct impact on the water in which your fish lives. It is quintessential that you understand the basics of water quality for fish and know how to fix minor problems. Understanding water quality in aquariums and ponds goes

5 Tips to Maximum Fish Profits for Fish Retail Stores

a bag of food sitting on top of a blue background.

Interested in making more money from your fish sales? Want to learn how to make sure that the time and effort you spend on your fish is passed on in value to your clients? Join our specialized veterinary team to learn exactly what you can do to produce the most vibrant fish that all your

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