Fish Care

How to Fix a Fat Betta

Are these fat bettas?

**Post contains affiliate links. We take a *very* small commission from our recommendations.** It can be very challenging to determine if your fish is the correct body size. Is my betta too skinny? Do I have a fat betta? Since fish food does not have ANY calorie listings on the packaging or are you actually …

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How to Quarantine Aquatic Plants

Did you know that your new aquatic plants may be harboring bacteria and parasites that could hurt your fish? Learn how to combat this and keep your fish safe and healthy!

Fish Treats

Yes, you can feed your pet fish your love just like your cat or dog. There are many fish treats available on the market for fish and not all are created equal. When adding treats into your fish’s diet, or curtailing their treat-rich diet, be sure to consider the following points. TREATS = NON-ESSENTIAL SUPPLEMENTS. …

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The Fish Products You ACTUALLY Need

There have been countless appointments where our veterinary staff gets a long history of illness accompanied by 10-20 different OTC fish tank products. Some claiming this, others that; none of which help treat the problem. Of all the “magical” over-the-counter fish products and pond additives, which ones do you ACTUALLY need? Water Conditioner/Dechlorinator This product …

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Chlorine Toxicity in Fish

fish pond treatments

** This post contains affiliate links that give us a small % of your purchase for our recommendations. ** Almost all city municipalities treat their water systems with chlorine or chloramine to make it safe for people to drink. Chlorine is a cheap and efficient way to treat water and the levels used have no …

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Fake Fish Diseases

When it comes to sick fish, the internet can be more confusing than helpful. As far as we know, Google does not have any medical degrees, so let’s clear some things up. Here are the most common fake fish diseases our offices comes across: “My fish has ‘swim bladder.’” This is the equivalent of you …

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Do Fish Need Light?

What is the answer to “do fish need light?” Fish respond to the same circadian rhythms as most other life on earth. The best lighting for fish tanks utilize this same rhythm. For outdoor systems, this is easy to utilize for your fish, provided you do not blind them overnight with underwater lights. For the …

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