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Interested in getting started in the fish hobby? GREAT! Don’t know what to start with? Do we have ideas for you! Here is our list of the best beginner fish species. These fish are known for being tolerant of most beginner mistakes. But, don’t forget, a regular maintenance routine is key.

Best Beginner Fish Species

A goldfish is one of the best beginner fishGoldfish

The very traditional goldfish is traditional for a reason. These cyprinids are hardy species that can tolerate a lot of beginner mistakes. It is recommended to start with the comet variety of goldfish. Fancy goldfish are very pretty, but they usually have other health issues that come partnered with their pure-bred status. They are better for intermediate fish parents.


These beautiful fish are commonly won at conventions and parties. We see many that have a lot of secondary issues due to poor water quality. Bettas are not meant to be kept in stagnant bowls for long periods of time. They require a tank and filter like any other fish. For more information on bettas, see our betta page.


The wide variety and small size of tetras make them great community fish. They come in lots of colors to match any decor. It is fun to have lots of fish that all school together and will not overload your filters. They also have a wide range of water quality tolerance for those of you not on top of your maintenance just yet.


Very similar to tetras in size and color variations, guppies and mollies are live bearers and will likely overpopulate your tank if you’re not careful. These brightly colored varieties also stay very small and like to be in groups. Learn how to differentiate boys from girls to keep your populations from overrunning your tank.

Looking for more beginner species? Here is a list of many more species to check out. 

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  1. And for a few of us, comets are a favorite, especially when they’re a foot long and have huge personalities too! Thanks for your fascinating stories and valuable education!

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